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The students are divided into four houses:
The purpose of the house system is to provide equal opportunities to every student, to take part in every educational and co-curricular based programme. House wise competitions like Hindi and English recitations, Folk and Classical dance, Art, Music, Hindi and English handwriting; Creative writing, Quiz, Story-telling, debates etc. are organized on regular basis. Each house is responsible for conducting the morning assembly for a week, once in a month. Thought for the day, reading the daily news in Hindi and English, special presentations etc form a part of the assembly. At the end of the year various houses are adjudged on the basis of points scored in various competitions at the different levels, discipline and code of conduct of the students. House trophies for best in academics, sports, wall magazine and co-curricular activities are awarded at the time of the annual Prize Distribution Function.

The Central Board has introduced Work Experience as an integral part of school curriculum with a view to provide a corrective step to the predominantly bookish nature of education so that ethos of dignity of labour prevails in the school atmosphere and the children are drawn closer to the community and are conscious of their social responsibilities. It is essential to qualify this, in order to get a pass in the Secondary School (Class X) or Senior School Certificate (Class XII) Examination. The assessment is a continuous process and is left to the school in its entirety. The final result is expressed in terms of Grade A-E on a seven point time scale. A student is required to get alteast D-2 Grade for securing a pass. Keeping in mind the spirit of Work Experience, which requires every activity to be purposeful, meaningful, socially useful, productive, educative and manually oriented the school has made a provision for a large number of activities. Each student must choose one or more of these activities.